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How to Use the Web to Find a Career That Fits

For happiness at work, you need a job that syncs with your personal values. Here are some tips on how to use the web to find your custom career path.


sidneyeve matrix

Create Your Own Career Luck with DIY Opportunities

Instead of waiting for opportunity to knock, why not get out there today and create it? Here are four ways to take the initiative and open doors for yourself.


public speaking

Public Speaking: Present Like A Pro

Feat of public speaking affects nearly everyone — even professional presenters. The key to a well-delivered speech? Don’t skimp on rehearsals.

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quick reads

Got a Minute? A Shortlist of Quick Reads

A closer look at the “minute-to-read” trend. And a list of some (very) quick reads, from mini eBooks, to news tidbits, and microfiction — purpose-built for time-starved audiences, and smartphone-ready.


Design Your Personal Innovation Plan

How to be more innovative? Some advice from the experts on how to design your personal innovation roadmap — in three steps.

social media job search

Small Data and the Permanent Job Search

In the age of the permanent job search, social media makes your digital footprint easily discoverable. Some tips to help put your best foot forward online.


Upskilling You: Try a MOOC for Online Professional Development

New trends in free and on-demand career training: why you should try a MOOC (massive open online course) to kickstart your online professional development.

social publishing tips

Social Publishing: Share Your Presentation Slides to Reach New Publics

Why social publishing works — how to expand the reach of your creative work and ideas by posting your powerpoint or keynote slides online.

digital productivity distraction

Productivity in Focus: Battling Perpetual Distraction

Regularly juggling tasks, demands, deadlines, and windows? These digital and paper-based productivity tools help minimize distraction and increase focus.

digital valentine

Digital Valentines: Modern Love and Mobile Phones

Today the velocity, accessibility, and immediacy of digital culture is changing expectations for communication between family members, friends, and romantic partners.

presentation design tips

Presentation Design Tips: Better Public Speaking With Great Slides

In honor of “Just Say No to Powerpoint Week” I’ve founded up my favorite resources on presentation design tips and tricks for better public speaking.

data privacy security

Your Digital Footprint: Steps To Online Privacy

January 28 was data privacy day in the US and Canada, but a look at recent news headlines indicates that concern about information leaks and dataveillance is top of mind for web users every day.

visual storytelling with social media

Visual Marketing with Social Media

My mini book (p)review of Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio’s new volume on visual storytelling and social media marketing — a guide to using images to engage and entertain audiences online.

LMS as Social Platform

The Learning Management System as a Social Network

In this post I explore Ideas for how to use the campus learning management system as a social technology for teaching and learning to engage students — especially in larger higher ed courses.

trade dress

Democratizing Design: Keeping Brands Beautiful

Beautiful branding for everyday products. As Evian and Kleenex launch limited edition designs by Isaac Mizrahi, discourses of luxury are blurred, and good design is democratized.

mobile learning apps

Teaching With Smartphones: Mobile Apps in Higher Ed

I recently published an article that presents a case study of teaching with smartphones. It describes my experience using a custom-designed mobile app in my large undergraduate communications course in Canada.

LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn for Students and Recent Graduates, Why it Matters

Many students ignore the site until after graduation, mistakenly thinking it is just for job seekers. As a result, those few who start developing their LinkedIn network early have a distinct advantage when it’s time to apply for colleges, awards, grad school, internships and jobs.

digital data security

Digital Memories: All Your Eggs in One Basket?

January is a great time to organize and secure your digital files. Here are some ideas for a personal data backup and storage system using a combination of physical media and cloud services.

professional dev

Sneaky ways to fit professional development into a busy schedule

Continuous self-improvement and professional development sound like great ideas. But how to find the time? Is there such as thing as being too busy to learn? Mobile learning may provide the answer.

blogging best practices

Blogging Best Practices

A half dozen excellent articles I read last week about best practices in blogging. Truly helpful tips — not just for academics, but especially handy for faculty and students thinking about launching a new or updated personal website this year.

online student tips

How To Succeed As An Online Student

How to succeed in an online course? Here are some best practice tips from seasoned students and instructors to help you stay productive and make timely progress in your class.


Branding for Academics: Extend Your Research Reach

Book review of Getting Read and Cited More: Practical Steps to Maximize the Visibility of Your Scientific Paper. Ideas on professional branding and promoting your research online.

teaching with social media

Teaching with Social Media, or, Fishing Where the Fish Are

To increase student engagement with course materials and classmates, some higher ed faculty are making Facebook a platform of choice. As one prof advises, “the key to successfully using social media in your class is your own comfort level with the format.”

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