Teaching Visual Digital Literacy with Infographics

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Together with fellow instructor Jaigris Hodson, I published a new paper in The Journal of Pedagogic Development: “Teaching with Infographics: Practicing New Digital Competencies and Visual Literacies” (summer 2014 volume 4 issue 2). You can view the whole open access, online issue here or download the PDF.

Abstract: This position paper examines the use of infographics as a teaching assignment in the online college classroom. It argues for the benefits of adopting this type of creative assignment for teaching and learning, and considers the pedagogic and technical challenges that may arise in doing so. Data and insights are drawn from two case studies, both from the communications field, one online class and a blended one, taught at two different institutions. The paper demonstrates how incorporating a research-based graphic design assignment into coursework challenges and encourages students’ visual digital literacies. The paper includes practical insights and identifies best practices emerging from the authors’ classroom experience with the infographic assignment, and from student feedback. The paper suggests that this kind of creative assignment requires students to practice exactly those digital competencies required to participate in an increasingly visual digital culture.

Keywords: online learning, communications, graphic design, Internet research, peer-to-peer collaboration, teaching

For some sample student infographics, check out this lookbook from my Digital Media Trends” course, Summer 2014 at Queen’s University. For my sample infographic rubric, click here.

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