More Teens on Tumblr Than Facebook?

.Allegedly, “More Teens Are on Tumblr than Facebook or Instagram, Survey Finds” according to the headline on SocialTimes. However a closer look at the survey reveals that’s not necessarily true. When researchers asked teens what sites they “prefer,” indeed Tumbler was the top pick for 6 out of 10 teens interviewed. Does this mean they are not on Facebook? Hardly.

Despite their love/hate relationship to Facebook, as Common Sense Media found when they polled more than 1,000 13-17 year-olds in 2012,  7 out of 10 are using the site. Likewise when Piper Jaffray polled 7,700 teenagers in the U.S., asking them about their social networking habits, once again Facebook came out on top as their most important social networking hangout.

But is Facebook loosing it’s cool factor? Rapidly, or so it would seem, for a variety of reasons. As a mammoth public company, and “technological juggernaut, Facebook is more Microsoft than Tumblr. To use a musical analogy, it’s the Nickelback to Instagram’s Bon Iver,” writes CNN‘s John Sutter. Also a factor, the spectre of parents: “Kids are spending less time on Facebook, as their Parents are also now on Facebook,” said Trip Chowdry cited in the HuffingtonPost.

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