Designing a Professional Online Footprint

Just booked, a new workshop for The University of Delaware coming up this May, and designed with time-starved faculty in mind. Here’s the description:

This hands-on workshop is designed for faculty, staff, and students who want to improve their online reputation through developing a robust online presence. With concrete action steps, we’ll cover how to use multimedia tools such as blogs and images, video and podcasting, booklists, visual bookmarking, and social good initiatives, to create a current, relevant, and impactful digital footprint. We’ll review new social networks specifically for scientists, researchers, artists, and other academics. I’ll share ideas, tools, and case studies of how to quickly and easily professionalize your presence on some of the best known social platforms including a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn page, a YouTube channel, a Pinterest board, and a Twitter stream. Assuming that everyone is short on time to learn how to use these tools to construct a professional online persona, this workshop is all about shortcuts and timesavers. From growing a personal learning network online, to disseminating research on the web, from job searching, to collaborating with far-flung colleagues, attendees are guaranteed to leave this workshop full of ideas and inspiration to optimize their online selves, whether they have a few minutes or a whole weekend available to do so. Prepared for The University of Delaware. May 29, 2012.

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