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I’ve been busy exploring edtech boards on Pinterest, but haven’t found too many folks to follow yet. I could definitely use some suggestions. Are you an edTech pinner? Let’s connect!

Here are links to my boards on educational technology trends and mobile/web apps for education. And here’s a collaborative board I am using with 20+ students for my new summer course on digital media trends.

And some of my favorites discovered via my Twitter PLN: check them out

  1. Seneca Professor Valerie Lopes has a great board on social media for learning.
  2. Syracuse Social media Prof Dr. William J. Ward has pinned an enormous collection of resources on social learning and education.
  3. Marketing Professor Bhupesh Shah is pinning some amazing infographics on revolutionizing education.
  4. Advertising Prof Anthony Kalamut‘s board on all things in the world of advertising is a gold mine and demonstrates how a subject specialist can use Pinterest for research.
  5. Prof and entrepreneur Margaret A. Powers is building an all-star collection of boards on educationapps for education, and global ed sites.
  6. My hero, the EDTECH HULK is contributing to an awesome board on Social Media and Learning and has posted an unmissable collection of THINGS TO SMASH!
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  1. I’m on Pinterest, too ( with a new board on PR and a pretty active board on Infographics.

    Thanks for rounding up these names — I’m going to follow them right now!

  2. Non @ Allied Schools says:

    Thanks for sharing! There is some great stuff in there.


    Marketing Copywriter
    Allied Schools


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  5. Bhupesh Shah says:

    thank you! “@sidneyevematrix: Hi @mpowers3 @SouthsideAdguy @DR4WARD @EDTECHHULK @valerielopes Profs on Pinterest”

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