Reputation 140: Tweeting Credibility

What if Google was your resume? What about Twitter? This latter question was a topic last week on two blogs I read. First, Mitch Joel acknowledges the public nature of Twitter and suggests that users take a hard look at their last few tweets. His “Twitter test” prompts users to ask themselves, “If I were looking to change my position at work, will these tweet[s] leave a good impression to my potential employer?” Similarly, on The Student Branding Blog, Jonathan Petrino reports on an internship competition where applicants are ranked according to their tweet-savvy. He asks, “what do your tweets look like? What content are you linking to? Because the next time you apply for a job, you might not be given the opportunity to submit a resume at all.”

On a related note: a study from university communications researchers has concluded that professors who post tweets about their personal lives earn higher credibility rankings in student teaching assessments of their professional capabilities. Those profs who went beyond teaching duties and shared personal insights and information about their lives outside the classroom appeared more caring and engaged to students. As I suggested last week, this research shows that humanizing your tweetstream can earn points in the credibility department. But of course what Twitter and Facebook giveth, social media can taketh away, and far more rapidly, as we know from the constant stream of news stories about status updates that cost people their jobs.

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  1. The challenge is to learn how to be professionally personal. The call to be more personal is valid, but it can never be an excuse for being stupid. Good companies should be looking for digital citizens, folks that understand how to express themselves online in ways that bring credit to themselves and the brands they represent.


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