Cyberparenting. It’s Complicated.

digital parenting

Establishing digital media use limits for kids, and co-creating family social media codes of conduct. Some apps and advice.

More Teens on Tumblr Than Facebook?


Allegedly, “More Teens Are on Tumblr than Facebook or Instagram, Survey Finds” according to the headline on SocialTimes. However a closer look at the survey reveals that’s not necessarily true. When researchers asked teens what sites they “prefer,” indeed Tumbler was the top pick for 6 out of 10 teens interviewed. Does this mean they […]

connected kids

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How unplugged are parents from their kids’ online habits? Last week Symantec received a lot of media buzz when they released figures showing “the big disconnect” separating parents and kids when it comes to time spent online. Notable results: “22% of teens check social networking sites more than 10 times a day, while only 4% […]