Distance Learning: The Faculty Gap

Interesting distribution of faculties in this infographic (see below) charting trends in online learning from Course Hero. Computer science and business are so far out in front of the humanities in terms of innovating in edtech and online teaching and learning.

At my campus we’re trying to catch up. I’m seeing an amazing wave of development in the arts and sciences toward designing hybrid and online offerings. A group of profs here from social and natural sciences, arts and humanities at Queen’s University is busy innovating from Chemistry to English, Classics to Math, Psychology to Film. Brand new courses, refurbished and revisioned ones, it’s pretty amazing progress and part of what I have elsewhere called the era of Profesor 2.0.

What is surprising in this infographic is the demographic data. More than 50% of online/distance learners are over the age of 24? In my courses I’m lucky to see 10%, more likely to see 5% of these nontraditional students, even after extensive (online and traditional) advertising targeting working professionals, lifelong learners, alums and the like.

I wonder if other profs see this huge gap between the faculties in terms of online learning innovations and offerings? And what about all those mature students…are they in your classes to the tune of HALF the student body?

Thank you to David Hopkins for bringing this infographic to my attention via his excellent blog.

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  1. nancyrubin says:

    DISTANCE LEARNING: THE FACULTY GAP http://t.co/9smA5or0 via @sidneyeve

  2. DISTANCE LEARNING: THE FACULTY GAP http://t.co/9smA5or0 via @sidneyeve

  3. DISTANCE LEARNING: THE FACULTY GAP http://t.co/BBjHWpU8 via @sidneyeve –Thanks @nancyrubin

  4. Joe Spano says:

    Distance Learning: The Faculty Gap http://t.co/Hd6pE3MB #edchat

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