Flip the Class, No Tech Required

Doing some research into the flipped classroom at scale, and discovered this inspiring perspective from Steve Wheeler’s blog, describing another innovative approach to flipping the classroom: “We don’t need to use hi-tech solutions to help us flip the classroom. If we want higher quality learning experiences, we simply flip traditional roles. Flipping learning for me means teachers becoming learners and students becoming teachers […So for example,] teachers assume the role of a learner, and accept that they are not the fonts of all knowledge, but are there to facilitate learning instead of instructing […And correspondingly, supporting] students to become teachers, and we encourage them to independently create their own content, share and present their work – either in the classroom, or on the web – we place them in a position where they must take responsibility to learn and develop their understanding of their subject. This is active, participatory learning.” ~ Steve Wheeler [@timbuckteeth]
Click here to read the original piece for an intelligent critique of the flipped classroom model/rhetoric.

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