Online Summer Course in Digital Media Trends

Registration is open for my online summer course in digital media trends at Queen’s University. We have 300 virtual seats available for part-time professionals and full time students from Queen’s, for students from other colleges and universities, and life-long learners, alums, and community members.

If you like thinking about and using social and mobile media technology, this might be the right course for you. Six weeks, lectures on demand, webinars, podcasts, a mobile app, tweets and a Facebook page, infographics and blogging…it’s going to be a great experience!


We created some video promotions and course trailers for this class, and are testing which versions are most effective. If you have time to screen them and post a comment I would be VERY grateful to read it!

Big thank you to Ben, Leanne and Hayley for creative work on these videos:

Promo #1 Talking head with animations

Promo #2 Voiceover animation

Promo #3 Kinetic typography

Promo #4 Kinetic typography

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Professor, blogger, trendwatcher. I share research & news about digital culture & commerce on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.


  1. Sound like a fascinating course! The flyer makes it very attractive to lots of audiences. Cleverly, there’s not mention of a cost anywhere…

    Video number 2 looks the most promising to me; I like the voicing along with the text. The graphics are a bit too cute for me, though. Number 1 is all talking head – pretty as that head might be. Number 3 is too corporate for me. Number 4 would be my second choice – it’s bright and upbeat, like #2. There are very few images in any of the videos beyond site logos. Just a few would be nice.

    • sidneyeve says:

      Hi Chris.
      Your feedback is so valuable to me. I appreciate you taking the time.
      Great point about missing data on costs — I’ll be sure to get it into the next promo I do.
      So, add $$ info, more images, stick with a bright design, and keep the voiceover — got it!
      Thank you!

  2. Amanda Swarr says:

    Hi Sid,

    I also like number two…and number one (with you) because it is a little more personal. Sounds like a great class, and what a smart idea to do a trailer!

    Hope you’re well,

    • sidneyeve says:

      Amanda hello! Wow amazing to see you, thanks for checking in here.
      You know I agree with you about the personal aspect — I thought the talking head version might work to humanize an online course, in theory, then in practice when I screened the final cut I thought the human seemed so SLOW compared to the animations!
      Maybe it is best to have both a talking head spot & an animation like #2….
      I truly appreciate your feedback, thanks and take good care Amanda!

  3. Hi Sidneyeve,

    This looks awesome. I think you should include the actual date range for the course, as well as pricing for external participants. May and June will be busy for me, but I can try to fit it in if I know exactly what to expect.

    I disagree with Chris, which doesn’t happen too often. I think #1 makes the class more human, less “sales pitch”.


    • sidneyeve says:

      Hi Mathieu! Thanks for adding your opinion to the mix here.
      It’s funny, when we edited that talking head spot, we forgot to identify WHO the speaker is…my name is nowhere on the final cut! But even so, I agree with you, the real-live-human aspect is valuable — maybe especially so for an e-course where students will never meet each other or the prof in RL, yes?

      Those missing details you pointed out, cost and calendar, are truly critical, I should not have left them out. Thanks for the reminder!

      I appreciate your kind feedback about the course. Means a lot to hear it :)

  4. Hi SEM,

    I am always amazed by your work’s chic design.

    Comments are below:

    1. Always a pleasure to see your face. This works because it puts a face to the course–and you are quite the Queen’s Prof celeb. However, the video seems too infomercial to me. It doesn’t translate the trendiness of the course and your teaching style.

    2. I like the pace and voice over–I feel it’s very effective. I am engaged 99% of the time. I’m not 100% convinced on the visual easthetic of the video. However, I feel the content, pace, and voice over make this video the most effective out of the four.

    3. This video is too slow..feels like it drags out. The aesthetic also feels a bit too corporate, not hip or trendy enough. I adore the movement of the words though–very neat.

    4. Great pace to this video as well–very visually pleasing. Not a fan of the music. I strongly feel like it’s missing your voice–it’s a very distinct one and hearing you speak what is being shown on the screen captures and holds my attention for the duration of the video.

    Hope this helps! You are so talented and revolutionary. Great job to your helpers!

  5. Valerie Lopes says:

    Hi Sidneyeve – I like them all (I know that that is not a helpful comment) #4 is probably my favourite – I also like the one with you talking – but I don’t really like the talking head. I am so intrigued I have registered to take it.

    • sidneyeve says:

      Hi Valerie! Appreciate your feedback very much. You have registered to take it?! Wow you could be *teaching* it ! I hope you enjoy the course and thank you for the vote of confidence!

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